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Our Laces Collection


  • 1.5″ Pom Pom FL-229

  • 1″ Pom Pom FL-069

  • 1″ Pom Pom FL-129

  • Lace five

  • Lace five (Copy)

  • Lace Four

  • Lace Four (Copy)

  • Lace One

  • Lace One (Copy)

  • Lace Three

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About us

Laces have been the most value-adding accessory for clothing since time immemorial. Celebrities have talked about them, artisans have drawn about them, writers have written about them and designers have given their clothing new life with them. It is time for your clothing, curtains, creations and all home textiles to have the ultimate fashion makeover – FrenchLaces

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